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Thanks Bandit, yes I intend to be on my very best behaviour here!

I play regularly at two venues, my local FLGS at weekends, so large all day or all weekend games, and at the Uni where I work on Thursday evenings. So the FLGS games tend to be larger and more photogenic, so get blogged more!

No I’ve never played NAW until this either. Its an enthusiasm of the GO – Dave Brown, and he effectively made up cheat sheets for us. The units are considered Battalions. With my limited experience of these rules, I would assess that they are written at a very holistic level, despite the unit scale, which has been described as the ‘Flames of War’ of Napoleonics. Whilst the rulebook and army lists are certainly as well laid out as Battlefront books, otherwise this may be an unfair criticism! And if it attracts the younger ex Warhammer set into Naps, who’s to object!

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