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Nick the Lemming

I briefly toyed with a similar idea for “modern” (1980s) warfare a while back, since there were various stats for various vehicles and infantry units, any units lost would have to roll on set of tables, which gave various results from being outright destroyed and nothing but scrap, to having engine problems which affected movement, sighting problems which affected hit rolls, and that sort of thing, with the possibility of several adverse factors affecting the unit. Each corps involved also had a repair factor, which gave bonuses to a number of repairs. Other factors in getting something repaired was the age of the vehicle – something that was obsolete was more likely to be scrapped, something which was still a mainstay would mean plenty of spares, and the ultra-hot straight out of the testing labs stuff had a coterie of engineers swarming round it, but getting spares to fix them (especially on the front lines) was almost impossible. It varied by nation too.