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Nick Turner

Hi Gents,


Nick from South Somerset, a member of the busy Yeovil club (South Somerset Wargames Group) Been playing since the early 70s, school games with loads of KV-2 attacking using home grown rules! Lost a little heart when not allowed to join the Arberfield club as I was only 15! For a while played Warhammer and appeared on a British Forces Germany programe in 86 with my drunken giant “Tim”!

In Hong Kong played other stuff, but was finally converted to Historical in Germany in 94 by Alex Testo (of DBN and the Alexander Hotel Scarborough ((Well worth a visit)) Now have too much stuff, Dark Ages, Medieval, WOTR, TYW/ECW, SYW, Napoleonics, FPW, ACW, WW1/2 Cold War some in more than one scale, playing mainly FOG/ Napoleons Battles, Black Powder, Battle Group series, Krush the Kaiser.

Thanks to Sparker for indicating the site!