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craig cartmell

The otherĀ current major skirmish game is Empire of the Dead, which focuses primarily on Gothic Horror in the Victorian period. it is well-supported by a range of figures from Westwind.

IHMN and EotD came out at pretty much the same time (Salute 2014), where there was also small demo game for Wolsung. Unfortunately for the Wolsung boys their small 3’x3′ table, though beautiful was next door to the rather rowdy and huge (12’x4′) Victorian East End Cityscape where IHMN was being launched.

There is a lot of hoohaa about Wolsung currently because of their well-supported Kickstarter campaign.

I think that there is plenty of space in the VSF/Steampunk skirmish market for all three games to thrive as each serve a slightly different market;

  • EotD: Victorian Gothic Horror
  • IHMN: straight VSF
  • Wolsung: more fantastic steampunk


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