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Piyan Glupak

I play DBA.  I tried DBM, but found it difficult to learn on my own.  I tried DBA to learn some of the concepts, and found I liked it better.  Later, DBMM came out, and although I was fairly sure that I was playing it reasonably correctly, I found that I could play the same armies quicker and with more fun.

When I started with DBA, it was version 1.1.  Nowadays, I tend play the ‘+’ unofficial amendments to version 2.2.  Although I will try version 3 when it is published, I am unlikely to take to it.  (I tried an earlier draft of version 3 and didn’t like the new movements.)

Why do I like DBA?  It is easy to teach new wargamers, the games don’t take a lot of space, you don’t need big armies so you can paint appropriate enemies as well, and the games are quick, and often exciting.  I can get several games in in one session.