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John D Salt

I am a founder member of WARGAME DEVELOPMENTS and have been the treasurer and membership secretary ever since. I have also organised – along with Tim Gow – the annual conference (COW – Conference of Wargamers) for the past ten years.

If any of you haven’t been to COW, may I humbly suggest that it’s something every wargamer should try before they die. Personally I deeply regret leaving it as long as I did before giving it a go. Sure, it *seems* a bit expensive for a weekend wargaming convention, but consider that the price includes bed and full board (very full, including tea and cakes) for the weekend and compare that with what Holiday Inn will charge you for two nights without so much as a sniff at a toy soldier and still having to fork over for meals.

Although he is too modest to mention it, I should also say that Bob does an excellent impression of a shouty thug with a big gun (“resistance is useless!”) whenever required in COW role-playing games.

Bob — the cheque is in the post (no, really, it is) — see you at COW, and maybe at Connections?

All the best,