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I live in rural Ireland.

Not the best place to look for wargame opponenets… Or so you’d think.

We have 10 players all within 10 miles of our club and meet weekly. Coming from the UK, I was amazed to be so lucky to drop into such a nest of historical gamers in a country with a small population and an even smaller amount of gamers. That said though, wargaming is certainly on the rise, we are hosting an Oldhammer event in November that may draw in 20 or so people. Its very difficult though to get an overall impression of the hobby. The ‘internet’ seems to give an impression, but its a false one. Of my gaming group of 10, only two or three are active online with regards their hobby in any real manner. Of the rest, half never go online with regards their hobby. Im also the only one who buys a wargames magazine. So I strongly believe their is still a huge numbers of gamers who happily bumble along with no regard the wider hobby community. Their hobby is driven by those they game with and by their own imaginations. Our spread of periods played is wide and traditional. Ancients, through to medieval, then SYW and AWI, onto Napoleonics, Colonials, Wild West, and our biggest which is WW2 played in 20mm. We also have a good smattering of Fantasy and Sci-Fi too.

So from my perspective, the hobby is vibrant, covers all aspects and periods and seems to be flourishing.