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Craig Austin

Thanks David,

Ive tryed looking for the old SDD range but they seem to have gone AWOL.

Part of my dilemma is that neither MM or H&R show pics of these ranges on their websites – frustrating!

Ive already downloaded your ‘schnell rules for schnell boats’ rules – were these the ones you were referring too?

If my Maths are correct a 72ft MTB works out at 36mm – 1.5 inches long  in 1/600, so 1/2 that in 1/1200 & <!–more–>yes quite small.

I see Tumbling Dice do a few boats & accessories in 1/600, so I can look at those at Colours.

I’m Tempted to order a few each from MM & H&R so I can study at leisure but that stops me buying enough to get started.