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Lagartija Mike

A little perspective. I’m 38 years old and a small business owner in a field so removed from the land of toy soldiers that I act on the premise that if my hobby was generally known my income would suffer. And it would suffer because the stereotype of the typical minwar gamer (fat, socially dim and with a political/body profile that’s best described as pungent) is depressingly acurate (please add the insistent drone of third-rate eccentric “scholars” of suspect..or wholly imaginary..credentials). It’s hard to grow a hobby when it’s participants are cultural marginals absent normal hygiene much less glamor, like hybrid Dale Gribble/Bill Dauterives.

As some someone in the process of starting a hobby-related business I’m going into it as a kind of love letter to the game. If I break even eventually I’ll be more than happy and, as SMustafa, observed above, I’m already sadly aware that most of my potential business will be overseas.

I’d like to see the hobby grow here in the US, to the extent of being willing to underwrite monthly gaming nights in lieu of the absence of clubs but it’s going to be difficult to bring in new blood. Please don’t take the following to be gratuitous shit-slinging but I think it’s describes a big part of the problem: if you were a young, bright male how enthusiastic would you be to have to play alongside Bill Armintrout, John/Winston, Ralph DeLucia etc..without wanting to bolt.