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Deep breath – this is going to be controversial! Is there a correlation to educational standards?

I know nothing of US education, other than what was accepted in 2008 as common knowledge around the 5th Fleet O Clubs , the US Navy was struggling to fill the higher end of its enlisted ranks with suitably educated high school grads. – No shortage of smart kids, when it came to aceing educationally neutral tests, but a distinct lack of kids able to demonstrate basic elementary maths and physics understanding sufficient to be able to succeed in technical trade training, without receiving considerable elementary remediation training. Manipulation and substitution of formulae sort of thing, not calculus, and basics of electricity, what is meant by voltage, current, resistance etc. This was really impacting the engineering, communications and electronic warfare trades, despite lean manning…

I just wonder if trad. historical wargaming, with its requirement of basic English and arithmetic, might now present a barrier to entry to the average US High school graduate? Whereas in the UK, the implosion of the education system in the 70’s, after the damage of the 60’s, resulted in a return to core values in the 80’s, which has now paid off, at least in terms of very basic knowledge…Before you scoff, consider – to wargame at the very least you have to have an inherent understanding of scale and ratio, probability, and often be able to cross index charts and even, god forbid, if playing Empire V, apply a flow chart…

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