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Lagartija Mike

Norm, that’s essentially my point. The noise on the forums doesn’t seem to translate to an on the ground gaming community. My time is divided between NYC and LV and in neither of those untrivial towns is there much or anything in terms of clubs, associations or brick and mortar venues. When I was a kid NYC could boast at least two Complete Strategists, I’m no longer sure even if it’s main branch is still open. Yes, I’m aware that the Internet carries wargaming traffic that dwarfs the Strategist at it’s best, but it had social.and subculture functions that I don’t see the internet providing.

I got into the hobby with rules that seemed written by wilfull obscurantists so I’m not sure that producing e-z rules is answer. I stand by my statement that, in the US at least, the hobby’s greatest impediment toward growth is the it’s culturally reactionary and loudly vocal largest public face.