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I wish you, and anybody trying to run a campaign, the best of luck. I love campaigns. I have tried many, many times during my 48 years of wargaming to achieve the kind of campaign described by Donald Featherson. His was set in the ECW. Each player could have a 3 choices from;- A Cavalry Reg.; An Infantry Reg,; An Artillery battery or a unit of Dragoons. It was permissable to mix & match. e.g.player A might have two Cavalry reg.s & a Dragoon unit, while player B chooses two Infantry reg.s & an Artillery battery.

The fun would come on club night. The Umpire would have worked out the scenario & scenery in advance, e.g. The smaller side defends the Village & tries to deny the bridge & ford to the enemy. You can imagine the scene, all the ‘Prince Ruperts’ realise they have to attack a defended river crossing. “Where is George” (chose all artillery)? “Daughter’s wedding”  “What about Mike (chose all Infantry)?”   “On a course down south somewhere”.     I must say I have never (yet) managed this. I have run many campaigns, with varying degrees of success & had much fun and not a few frustsrations. Having painted an entire Confederate Corp for a fellow club member ” so I can take part”  only to have him leave the area before move one of the campaign, closely followed by the other three Reb players. I and the other Union owning gamers left high & dry. Three months painting down the drain.

As said best of luck to you, I fully intend to keep trying to campaign.