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There was at least a dozen traders and some games in there last time, including Mongoose so not even just the tiniest most forgettable traders. They’d only just expanded out into that because of the huge amount of traders that were at the show compared to the minimal floorspace to fix extra ones, and then they took a year off.

Given the show is down to one day, I think they consciously chose to not have so many traders in order that the show can still be navigated. Or I’d like to think that, it’s probably financials related rather than customer-experience related. Seriously though it got pretty cramped in there at the best of times, let alone when trying to jam everyone in on a single day (an interesting but unsurprising move given the costs involved in running or being part of a 2 day show), and visiting Warfare last year which had become overloaded with how many traders there were really showed that shaving off a few inches of floorspace here and there is not a good idea for anyone.