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Jonathan Gingerich

Here is what Oliver Schmidt had to say on the subject:

For the Prussian army’s woodwork, I had  a quick look into Kling, here what he writes: drum sticks: I found nothing about them NCOs’ “Kurzgewehr”: 1726: brown, this was cancelled in 1743, after that a lot of colors, by 1806: all black with a few exceptions (more details: Kling, p. 175 – Hans-Karl Weiß has got this book and can tell you more) officers’ “Sponton”: for most regiments probably black in 1806, Garde (No. 15) yellow or yellowish, Renouard (No. 3) probably light brown.

Let me note the Russians were going to black woodwork (although presumably only for new regiments) around 1806.  I’ll see if my Kling is the same as the one Oli is talking about and check page 175 when I have a chance…