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First step, insulate the floor, some 50mm or 75mm if budget allows of kingspan, then top it with some decent flooring (25mm thick!), then find a used office supplier for some old carpet tiles – typically be had for £1 each or less – that way you removes one huge headache of a cold floor you will be very grateful of this after 8hours of gaming in the garage!

Next – again if budget stretches, batten and plasterboard the walls and ceiling and then stuff loads of insulation in there as you plasterboard – dont forget to add enough power sockets around garage and some decent lighting.

This is what I did to my garage – and I even blocked the doors off internally – so it looks like a garage from the outside but inside – its a nice looking room.

If you cannot get central heating extended there then  a 2kw fan heater will heat the insulated garage up surprisingly quickly – mine takes about 20 or 30mins in winter to remove the chill and about 1hour to get really toasty…

All in all its about taking the cold/dampness out of the garage and making it a pleasant place to play and store figures – without central heating I would not recommend storing books etc – as the winter damp will still get in there – unless you are prepaid to turn on heater every day – can get expensive…

Check out some of the fathers day gaming posts on the http://sadwargamers.com  website – as they take place in my garage…

and good luck with the project 🙂