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Mr. Average

Well, for visual effect I want the light tanks to be very obviously smaller than the heavies.  Otherwise I’d use Stridsvagns as Combine Light Tanks.  Anyway, I’m already underway.  I’ll be using the regular O8 hovertanks as Combine GEVs; although as large as a Heavy, they have a lighter look with the skirt painted black and steel blue.  I’m not sure how they’ll compare to the Paneuro GEVs, but I don’t much mind so long as they’re cleanly distinguishable on the table.  Some spare Rapier carriers will make good Missile Tanks for one side while the Thor will be for the other – not sure yet who’s who, I admit.

Doing a little graphic work in the meantime.  If I posted the whole label sheet I’m sure Steve Jackson would have kittens because the bases have game data printed on them, but I have flags and such worked out.  With apologies to my colleague in Novabrasilia, I’m starting out with a typical Paneurope-Combine set.  Fancied up the flags a tad.

I have a few of the Heavy Tanks from the Marhaf Legion line, and though I had intended to use them at 6mm scale for the Clavian Hoplites, I find myself having a lot of difficulty resisting using them as Paneuropean Fencers, instead.