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Rod Robertson

Alvin M.

There was no agenda here, Alvin, but I apologize if it really upset you. Just Jack has been admonishing me for falling behind on his blogs and I was just catching up! I’ve got a few more to get through so steel yourself as there will be another flurry of activity soon. While you are correct in thinking that I hold Just Jack in high regard, there was no motive to bump his blogs to the forefront of TWW. I just have been very busy with work and have only now found some time to catch up. I will try to spare others from my delinquency by spreading out my catch-up posts in the future but I am aware of no forum etiquette that says one can’t post in bursts. Am I missing something?

Anyway, sorry to have ruffled your feathers and I will try to tip-toe on TWW rather than running marathons once my backlog is cleared.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson