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Mr. Average

By the way, I also happen to have more than one colorblind opponent, so differing silhouettes for the units is a must on my table.  As it stands my proxy list is as follows:


  • GEV: O8 “Blower”
  • LGEV: O8 “Combat Car”
  • GEV/PC: O8 “Kontos ACV”
  • Light Tank: O8 “Scorpion”
  • Heavy Tank: O8 “Caesarion”
  • Missile Tank: O8 “Rapier”
  • Superheavy Tank: Plasmablast “Hammerhead” (Twin-Gun version)
  • Mobile Howitzer: O8 “2S7” SPG
  • Howitzer: GZG Germy Micro-Howitzer (Heavily modded)
  • Mk. V Ogre: Plasmablast “Tigerclaw”


  • GEV: O8 “Centaurus GEV”
  • LGEV: Undetermined (so far)
  • GEV/PC: O8 “Pegasus GEV-APC”
  • Light Tank: O8 “Walker Bulldog”
  • Heavy Tank: O8 “M76 McAuliffe”
  • Missile Tank O8 “Thor MRL”
  • Superheavy Tank Undetermined (probably a twin-gun heavy Marhaf tank, to go in my next Plasmablast order)
  • Mobile Howitzer: O8 “M92 SPG”
  • Howitzer: O8 “FH-70 155mm Howitzer”
  • Fencer Cybertank: Plasmablast “Maarghast Heavy Tank”