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Thanks Mike, I am glad you enjoyed the AAR. Thanks for reminding me where those tokens had come from, I had forgotten! Ha ha. We also use the yellow ones for light damage on vehicles. They fit nicely on top of 15mm figures.

I base my reasons for a few reasons, one is storage, the base stops them getting chipped when in a box together. Another reason is that it gives an ‘accurate in game terms’ footprint of the vehicle or unit (Rapid Fire has a vehicle ratio of 1:5). If you take the base as being the vehicle, then there are no arguments about if something is in range or not due to the straight edges. Also, I base all my figures, so an un-based vehicle is somewhat shorter than the figures, who are all standing on 2mm high ‘mounds’. t brings everything up to the same height. I also think that a based vehicle looks more like a ‘gaming piece’ than a ‘toy’, but that is a personal preference.

And cue a discussion about to base or not to base… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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