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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

OK, I said I was going to wait to post but I couldn’t help myself! That was a great report and a complete hoot to read. I loved the new Crescent Root buildings and market stalls! I’ve been waiting to see those for a while now! I liked the 15mm minis and the action with the modifications you made, however, (yes, there is always an however) I think you may have handicapped the Venezuelan Paratroopers too much. If the opponents were regular regime forces or sluggish presidential guards used to soft duty, I could see that super-charging the CLA SOF’s would be valid. But presumably the paratroopers are the best that Venezuela has to offer and would be very well trained and experienced fighting Columbians and FARC rebels. Perhaps giving the CLA SOF 12 troopers would have been better. But that’s your call. I would have gone with pampered Presidential Guard if I wanted to give the CLA SOF’s such an advantage. And what’s with giving the paras RPG’s and then not letting them use them you big meany! But nonetheless this was a total blast!

I loved that El Presidente got to shoot Jack “Bosanova” Bauer and only wish the wounds had been fatal to that gringo assassin! Great stuff Jack, I loved it. A fitting penultimate scenario for this leg of the Cuba Libre campaign. This has been the best of the best so far! Well it’s off to the Finale now and hopefully I can muster enough self control to hold off posting until tomorrow! Thanks for posting these Jack and best wishes for your next project.

Cheers and great gaming!

Rod Robertson.