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Iain Fuller

I first started with 20mm and WRG rules with an old mate from school then I went to my first club in the mid-80’s where we played a lot of Challenger using 6mm (I bought OMG as well Rod but could never convince anyone to have a bash – did you ever get a game of it played?).

Since rekindling my interest in wargaming a few years ago I’ve dived back into 6mm using FFT3 which I really enjoy and are the standard set down at the club, I’ve got an Austrian Bgde plus my alt-history Poles/Nigerians with next up being a Soviet force and then either Belgians or Dutch.

For some reason the whole Team Yankee thing is beginning to right hack me off, it comes across sometime as if Cold War gaming is just being invented and it has left me about as underwhelmed as when ‘Big Sam’ took over the Hammers!