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Mike Bravo, The idea of 28mm figs for this period intrigues me.  Particularly as a recent 15mm modern game lead to a very involved and extended infantry fight, that became a bit tedious at 15mm.  It is probably the first time in more than 25 years of 15mm gaming that the infantry struck me as being tedious to handle.  I think age may be catching up with me a little.

Rod, Love the scenario idea.

Iain, Despite my excitement at seeing the recent Cold War  interest, I have to admit to having somewhat mixed feelings about Team Yankee.  I’m not a big fan of the FOW marketing approach, and didn’t adopt their rules, which basically eliminated me from playing WWII with other gamers, once the rules became popular.  The rules simply dominate local shops, conventions, and groups, nearly to the exclusion of all others.  But, I am hoping that the spike in interest catalyzes the production of new minis from all manufacturers of the period.  Maybe, I can finally get East Germans again (in 15mm, as opposed to my old 20mm figs) and QRF has been adding some interesting vehicles from some of the NATO nations.