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Just Jack

Kyote – You despicable old bastid, you can’t tell trees from tanks! 😉

Rod – Always got something, eh? 😉  This is not my scenario; I’m playtesting, so I can’t just add stuff, so the only artillery allotted (to either side) was the Soviet preparatory fires, nothing once the fight started.  The Soviets tanks and BMPs were firing on the move, they just didn’t hit anything.  Part of that was the fact that there weren’t really any vehicle targets for them to engage (Panda’s two tanks, and the four M3s of 1st Mech Plt in Weisse, whom the Soviets just blew through), and the other part was the fact the Soviets had an extremely hard time spotting US infantry and ATGMs (unitl after they fired), which was what the Spetznaz were there for, but the Hind could never get them inserted.

Whaddaya mean, ’19 out of 18 BMPs…’?  Did I write that?  The Soviets had 21 BMPs and a BTR, and 16 T-72s.  I imagine you’re adding from what is says at the top of the post, but that doesn’t take into account the three platoon leaders’ BMPs and the company commander’s BTR50.

And Panda should have gone down; I literally couldn’t believe it when his tank was hit, damaged, and then forced to fall back off the table.  His Team Whiskey avatar should do the honorable thing and end it all 😉  Good Lord, I suppose I should explain that I am only joking, even though I’m referencing a make believe 6mm character…

Norm – Thank you Sir, I appreciate it.  I miss the quickness and character development of Cuba Libre, but I’ve played two fights already and they were both a blast, can’t wait to get to number three.  And 6mm is certainly working for me; to be honest, I kind of wished I’d have used an even bigger table for this fight!

And I don’t know if you noticed, but with folks that regularly follow my gaming exploits, I often add their names into my campaigns.  I hope you don’t mind, but you “Lieutenant Ensmith” is you, and you just won the Silver Star for your dogged defense in Heffe leading 2nd Mech Platoon 😉

I’m writing up the second fight, stand by.