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Mick Sayce

Mick Sayce: Cool! “…begats…”, how biblical! So harken onto me, that you might know that I wait with hands wringing and pursed lip, to see the hosts of Britannia fall upon the German plague and smite them sore. Verily, The Lord did look down upon his prophet Winston of Blenheim and the struggling masses and did see the abomination of war, and The Lord did smile, for it was good! (An Old Testament style Lord, none of that namby-pamby, turn-the-other-cheek stuff from the New Testament!). Cheers and good gaming! Rod Robertson.

Oh yes, it’s a great word; very ‘woody’ sounding as Python used to say. Good post, very fire and brimstone.


That is the beauty of Alternate Reality campaigns -you can do whatever you want and no one can gainsay you. (Another good, old English word, much underused in my opinion), as the only person you have to convince is yourself. Anyway, like a good SciFi film, if it’s done right you can suspend belief and get carried away in the story.

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