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CAG 19

Mine is 1982+

MTU and the Rkh are already listed above.

Wouldnt expect an IMR to be in the AGMB as it belongs in the Sapper Coy of the Divisional Engr Bn and the Division only has two, but who knows. If I roled it as a forward detachment it would make sense to beef up the mobility support and it s a nice model. Same reason for not having an IPR.

I am expecting the 120mm Mortars to be truck towed, can’t remember if we saw the MTLB as a tow in this period. The older style 82mm which used the BTR-50P/PK as a portee are probably gone. ┬áVasilek just coming into service so I can ignore it for now and the 2S9 isn’t really viable