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Just Jack

Kyote – Don’t worry, you’ll get your ass kicked in due time 😉  Oh, and the FO didn’y receive the Scotch; I heard it was intercepted by the Operations Officer.

Si – An excellent point regarding Soviet doctrine/  My personal opinion is that for their recon to do that job properly (as opposed to the usual wargame issue of ‘recon assets =just another line unit) we’d need to game at a higher level, probably brigade or even division.  In this fight we only had a US Mech Company (+) vs a Soviet Mech Rifle Bn (-) and a Tank Company (+).

From my perspective, it didn’t bother me at all; this was a clash of heavyweights.  Please keep in mind that this is only a small piece of the battlefield.  The whole Soviet Army (seemingly) is pouring across the border, and this table doesn’t even show the whole Troop in action (only about a third of it).  So it’s a big battlefield, with lots of stuff going on in the rest of 11th ACR’s (and other NATO divisions’) areas of operation.

So the lack of Soviet reconnaissance (on table) was not addressed.  I’d like to throw these ideas out there:
1) it’s a big battlefield and we’re not seeing the whole thing; maybe the Soviets didn’t have enough recon elements to go around due to other operational considerations.
2) Perhaps Soviet recon elements already conducted their mission successfully and fell back to leave the positional attack to the heavies; they didn’t press battle against stronger NATO forces, and NATO didn’t fire as they were hoping to not expose their positions.
3) Perhaps NATO allowed the recon elements to push by, then occupied its defensive positions behind them, prior to the Soviet heavies arriving.
4) Perhaps the Soviet recon elements advanced and were seen off by NATO recon elements, north of this battlefield.
5) Perhaps the Soviet recon elements advanced and were seen off by Team Whiskey.
6) Perhaps the Soviet recon elements were dispersed by NATO supporting fires called in by deep reconnaissance elements.

In any case, I’m fighting my small piece of the overall war, and no recon elements were called for in this particular fight, which suited me just fine, tons of fun!

Thanks for the comments, fellas.