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CAG 19

When discussing Soviet organisation is all depends on both year and whose source being quoted as with most things check the orginal sources they quote from, a latter date on a report isn’t any good if it still refers to a 1977 orbat for example.  That said later reports ie 1989 and later are generally better at discussing the 1977 – 1982 changes as it took a while to filter down.  So my forces, for both 6mm and 15mm are based on what is generally noted as being the post 1982 changes.

My Coy is based on:

  • 3 BMP/BTR to a Platoon
  • 3 Platoons to a Coy
  • Single Coy HQ Vehicle
  • Coy level MG Platoon (PKM and AT-7 in BTR, PKM in BMP units) in a pair of BTR/BMPs
  • Bn Level attachments (depending on msn and commanders choice)
    • AA Section in BMP (if SA-7/14 removed from Pls)
    • AGS-17 Section in BMP/BTR (centralised as a battalion asset in 1982 but could be detached back down)

The soviet practise of creating patrols and specialist recon efforts is a whole piece on its own so I would air on the side of caution when discussing the structure of the OOD and CRP (BRD)  they were unique elements and could be colocated and often were.  Specialist recon elements, such as NBC and Artillery also existed as stand alone patrols as well as combining when it was necessary to fight for information and being colocated with the BRD.  It means we can justify all sorts of one of models on this basis 🙂

Soviet Recon generally was still one of finding information by stealth rather than fighting for it.  By the nature of combat, recon forces become a combat indicator.

I wouldn’t expect to find an ACRV down with the OOD or the BRD. There were two ACRV variants per battery. One is the COP and in my example would typically co-located with the HQ of the Forward Security Element (GPZ), the second is the Battery FDC and is with the guns.

No one really knows the full picture and as long as you play both sides by the same level of conjecture (which worries me about TY dumbing down the WP Forces) we could be looking at some cracking cold war games in a range of scales


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