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Jose Manuel Moreno


We have updates about the expansions!!!:

– In the expansion Greece & Persia we will include at least 6 new generals: 2 from Athens, 2 from Sparta and 2 from Persia. To be able to play battles with different generals (the new ones, the standard ones and Scipio and Hannibal) we have created a recruitment cost system. This way we will be able to play battles using generals of different eras.

Generals will be represented with counters and we will add a general card, with an illustration, its recruitment cost, its moral range, its bonuses, its leadership value and special skills they may have.

Would you like to know the special skill of Leonidas or Themistocles?

– In the Scenery & buildings expansion we are still working in the design. Here you can find some river tiles. There will be plenty of them so we will be able to design the river we want. There will be areas to cross them and bridges too. But watch out! wood bridges can be set on fire and stone bridges can be blown off with onagers

And here you can see the promotional clip. We hope you enjoy it