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Blitzkreig Commander II
I’ve not played this game though I have played Future War Commander which I think is fine for a Sci-Fi skirmish game. In different periods I look for different things and value different things. In Sci-Fi, well, I figure once you are firing plasma rifles from 30′ tall walking tanks, I can let go of most all conceptions of realism and historical accuracy. Not sure if I’d like some of the FWC mechanics applied to WW2 but perhaps it is worth a look.

I have no experience with this at all but I do think quite well of TFLs so it might be good to check into it.

Fireball Forward
Never heard of this one, I’ll see if I can find some info on it.

Operation Overlord
I figure that all figures are just markers so no matter what someone designs a game with (plastic for instance), it doesn’t cause me to run away. Cards for WW2… not sure if that fits my feeling about the period or not. We play Muskets & Tomahawks for FIW pretty commonly and I like that well enough, we’ve also played a lot of TSATF which I am less nuts about the card mechanics in so I guess I should say my feelings about cards vary and I wouldn’t rule a game out for that. Lastly, I’ve played some Memoir ’44 which is not really a miniatures game but does use cards. It is a good game but not really what I’m searching for.

What is Battlegroup like, what is it trying to accomplish and how? I’m unfamiliar with it.

mjc – same question for you about your project, can you tell me more about your aim and how your mechanics support it?

Thanks for the answers so far guys.