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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

Wow, what an answer! Sorry to have provoked you to write such an exhaustive explanation for the “mixed bag” observation I made. The reason I made the comment is that you have Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) assets cooperating with Soviet Army assets at a platoon/company level. Spetznaz teams were GRU or rarely KGB assets attached at the army or military district level which tended to operate on their own, behind enemy lines. The Spetznaz MI-24’s were heavily modified and were quite different internally from the run of the mill Soviet MI-24 or the export version MI-25. Their close cooperation with a company sized combat team threw me for a loop. That’s the genesis for my comment. But it made for a cracking good scenario and a suspense-filled game, so more power to you, Jack!

Cheers and great gaming!

Rod Robertson.