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Just Jack


No problem about the explanation, I like talking about this stuff.  But your response regarding Spetznaz/GRU supporting Soviet Army assets; now I’m really confused.  Brother, this begs the question: what is it you think that military intelligence does?  By your response, you seem to think they don’t exist to support the military.

Spetznaz is a general term akin to ‘Special Forces,’ and they are set up much like US Special Operations.  That is, they are tiered into different levels of support (theater, strategic, operational, tactical) with varying capabilities.  They have their Direct Action shooters, their Unconventional Warfare/Foreign Military Assistance types, Counter-Terrorist operators, they have their own Collection apparatus, they have several levels of reconnaissance and surveillance (just like us).  I’m probably forgetting something, but that’s okay.

Then they have what they call ‘counterintelligence,’ but in Western military parlance it would be more appropriately termed ‘counter-reconnaissance.’  You see, during the Cold War, and still in certain aspects, the Soviets put a great amount of stock in battlefield reconnaissance, and because of that mindset they were very wary (and still are) of NATO reconnaissance, particularly our deep reconnaissance capabilities.  So the Soviets set up counter-recon elements consisting primarily (but not solely) of SIGINT and Spetznaz types whose job was to find, fix, and destroy NATO deep reconnaissance elements.

So I think you might be confused regarding the ‘close cooperation with a company-sized combat team.’  The Spetznaz (and, in this case, the Hind) are not under the operational control of the local tactical commander, i.e., they are not supporting to the Soviet Captain/Major from the Mech Infantry unit.  It’s entirely possible, due to division of labor and professional enmity between GRU and ‘regular’ Army, that the two are operating in the same battlespace against the same target without formal cooperation (such things were noted in Afghanistan and Chechnya).

But my guess is that is backwards; more likely is that GRU and the ‘regular’ Army have gotten past their differences now that they are in the middle of WWIII, and Spetznaz is involved probably at the Division-level (though it could be even higher), and that unit commander ‘chopped’ (a US Marine and Navy term, don’t know if the Army/Air Force use it, but it means you are detached temporarily to support a specific mission) the Mech Infantry unit to support the counter-recon element/mission, and the Mech Infantry unit will return to its parent organization upon completion of the mission.

So, to be surprised that Spetznaz is operating in the same battlespace, towards the same goals, as a ‘regular’ Army unit strikes me as very odd.  If you say ‘they are a theater asset,’ well, that means they are operating in a military theater that (in this case, at least) has tactical units employed, so if you’re operating there you’re operating in someone’s battlespace, and if you drill down, they’re in the area of operations of 1st Squad of 1st Platoon of A Company of 1st Battalion of 1st Brigade of 1st Division of 1st Corps of 1st Army (using US terminology, but I hope you get the idea).

There are, of course, times when Spetznaz is operating in areas not under the responsibility of a combat element.  The example of UCW-types inserted well behind enemy lines to wreak havoc on command and control centers, etc…, or when CT folks are inserted into a country Russia/Soviet Union is not at war with, so no combat elements are present.  But that is certainly not Spetznaz’ only mission/capability, and so they end up in direct support to combat elements.  That’s what they’re there for.  And while it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they get opconn’ed to a local unit commander, that is generally not the case, they have their own chain of command.  But again, that’s pretty much how most nation’s run Special Operations.

Bottom line, the Spetznaz aren’t operating under the command of a Mech Infantry Captain or Major, they are carrying out a Division/Corps/Army-level mission with the support of local forces in that same Division/Corps/Army.  Because that’s what Military Intelligence does, it supports the military 😉

And Spetznaz may have their own specialized Hinds, but they also fly around in regular old, run-of the mill Hinds, or, more likely, Hips. 😉  The differing means of method of insertion is purely down to mission requirements with regards to capability.  If you need a hammer, you use a hammer, not a flying anvil 😉

I hope this is in somehow useful/interesting, and if it sounds like I’m being an @#$%, that’s not my intention, and if you know all this already, I didn’t mean to insult your intelligence, I just must be misunderstanding your comment again.

Looking forward to more games, I can’t wait!  I need to get the table set up tomorrow night so I can get right to playing early Saturday morning as my middle kid has a baseball game at 1230.

And Kyote, quite your whining! 😉