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CAG 19

The move to build up, at 1:1, Cold War forces in 15mm continues.  I have now put together 6 2-S-1 Gvozdika 122mm SPG which will be the Artillery allocated to my Forward Security Element (GPZ) of the Advanced Guard Motor Rifle Battalion.  To go with the Battery I needed the Battery Command Post (COP) and the Fire Direction Centre (FDC).  These two vehicles are known in NATO terms as the ACRV-1 and ACRV-2 respectively.  There are other variants but they are out of scope for a game at company level.

The only manufacturer in 15mm is QRF and I ordered MSCV02 and MSCV04 from their webstore.  A small package was waiting for me when I came home from work.

This is what you get in each pack.

  • Hull
    • They should be identical.
  • Turret
    • The ACRV-1 pack contains a turret with the Laser Range Finder on the RHS.

  • The ACRV-2 pack has a plain turret

  • Left and Right Tracks
  • Dshk HMG


  •  Comparing it with the Zvezda 2-S-1, in the same scale, shows that the hull shape and dimensions is consistent between both vehicles.

However the running gear on the QRF kits appears too small. It has the right shape it, but isnt long enough and is about 2mm narrower than the Zvezda one.

  • The ACRV-2 for some reason has the RHS stowage box crudely removed.  This would be correct for the ACRV-3 but not for a ACRV-2 variant so I will need to clean the metal up and build a new piece.

  • The hull overhang at the LH rear has a large build ups of excess metal which will need to be removed.

  • The rear hull has a solid block of metal representing the track guards and amphibious vanes are modelled in the down position.  They should be slatted and for road movement be in the up position like these.

  • The front  track guards are not provided and the front of the running gear is left exposed.
  • There are some minor mould lines running around the hull which need to be cleaned up (not a niggle as I expect to find a mould line on a white metal kit).
  • Most western photos and drawings show the ACRV-1 with a PKM MG and not the Dshk.

Ideas for improving the model

  • ACRV-1
    • Clean up the bottom of the hull removing the lump of excess metal.
    • Replace the rear track guard and make a new thin one from plastic and add the slatted vanes from the Zvezda kit
    • Clean up the rest of the hull and make up at least two radio antennae.
      • Replace the running gear with that from a spare Zvezda kit. This might involve some work carving the hull to fit or I might just fit the track kits.
    • Make up track guards
    • Look for a pintle mount PKM
  • ACRV-2
    • Clean up the cut marks and build a new external box.
    • Rest as the ACRV-1 (leaving it with the Dshk)
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