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Guy Farrish

Well, I’m glad you’ve said it Michael because it has always seemed a weird idea to me.

I’ve usually put it down to that sort of rather silly (in my opinion) gender divide ‘humour’ that is characterised as locker room or coffee morning chatter.

Whether it is men or women doing it, for goodness sake aren’t we adult enough to be honest with our partners? If we are spending money that is needed to feed kids, pay bills etc there is something wrong. If we have partners who are so dismissive of our leisure interests that we have to hide spending on them, again…

If we are embarrassed by spending such a large amount for a handbag, a pair of shoes, a 28mm Ghaznavid Army, perhaps we should pause and think – is it part of what I consider legitimate personal spending? If the answer is yes then grow a pair and be proud of it. If not – perhaps have a chat about the household budget before blowing it on unnecessary leisure items?