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Sane Max

My middle daughter painted several already painted figures again for me. Bright yellow. It was too cute to be annoying ‘But i like lellow’

My eldest daughter got her hands on a full carry case of figures to show her friend, dropped the contents and then shoved them back in by the handful. She got a real shouting for that one, she was not a toddler.

But the worst thing ever was a GW Carry case with a fully (and Though I say it myself beautiful) Lizardman army whose hinges gave way under the weight as I was scampering across a bus-station exit route. I was forced to watch several National Express Coaches drive over them before I could start to rescue them.

I recall reading on another forum where someone’s ex-wife deliberately and methodically destroyed his entire collection. I am not a redneck, but if that happened to me I would regard murder as understandable at least.

(oh and a FoaF left his whole Skaven Army on a Train. never saw them again. GW Manager he was, the figures were gorgeous and the collection very large. That would be worse in many ways.)

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