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Rod Robertson

Well hello War Panda and welcome back from the wilds of the great province of Alberta!

On the table right now are 15mm Ultra-moderns, 15mm Early War WWII, 15mm Assyrian Hordes and some Skythian light cavalry. There is also a platoon of Late War WWII Soviets, a platoon of Late War Canadians and a platoon of Early War Germans nearly completed sitting beside the work station. These were moved to make room for the Ultra-moderns.

25/28mm Dark Age Saga is a project for the fall and winter but truth be told, I spent too much money on unexpected house repairs and replacing some appliances which died so the Saga project may be pushed back to a winter and spring labour of love to give my poor bank account and credit card a chance to recuperate. Both of my airbrush compressors bought the farm within a little over a week from one another; one was 32 years old and the other was 41 years old. I am manically painting 15 mm Ultra-moderns and WWII Early War kit because I also fell behind on painting this summer; too damned hot!

I am running a Games and Miniatures course (not a club, a course with grades and credits) at the high school where I teach! I may be able to get the school to underwrite the cost of four Saga armies and some 25/28 mm D&D figures. If that gets approved then Saga could be back on track for a fall/winter completion. To date the students have played Diplomacy, DBA Ancients and Wings of Glory (which was a huge hit with six otherwise disinterested and mute Chinese students who cursed and threatened each other in shrill Mandarin throughout their whole dogfight!). It was hilarious and I near pissed myself with laughter. Next up will be Resistance/Avalon/Werewolf and then WWII Bolt Action! The BA game will be Barbarossa Germans with Pz. Grens. in SdKfz 251B’s and Pz 38(t)E’s vs. Russian Infantry hordes supported by T-28 medium tanks, fighting will occur in the Ukraine southeast of Kiev! Boo-Yah! I’m having more fun then the kids! Oh, by the way, they are also learning arithmetic skills, ratios, percentages, probability, simple statistics and basic game theory, plus history and geography, so there is an academic dimension to this course too! We even have lectures, assignments and homework!

I will be reffing D&D 5th Ed. starting Monday in the gaming club (not the course but a lunchtime and after school club) and that will be a bit annoying because D&D is not an RPG system I like to run/play. However, I have never played or reffed a 5th Ed. game so maybe things have improved since 1979 when I last reffed D&D. Perhaps I can beguile and drag the little darlings to the dark side and get them interested in a RuneQuest II/III/IV Bronze Age campaign set in Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha. That’ll scare the [email protected] out of them!
So gaming this year may reach a level that I haven’t enjoyed since high school and college days! Life certainly takes odd turns at times, doesn’t it?

Cheers and good gaming.
Rod Robertson.