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Jeremy Sutcliffe

Why the Seven Years War rather than Malburian or he American War of Independence?

It’s a long time ago now. It was my first venture into 15mm in the days when Minifigs made them in strips of 5 figures. Were there Malburian or AWI ranges way back then and the forces (French and Prussian) were built up to use WRG 1685 – 1845 which for some reason had units of 14 figures.

I didn’t particularly warm to the rules and it became very much a dormant period. However I noted a number of other firms making 7YW 15mm ranges and gradually the collection grew and I began using them more playing to Principles of War based to the 40mm DBx norm with 3 units to a base. (I kept toying with using Horse Foot and Guns)

That dangerous instance of money in my pocket in my last 15 minutes at a show resulted in a starter pack for a British force which, like the others grew with an eclectic mix of figures. I later added Russian and Austrian forces.

These have been well used, playing to Black Powder, including a couple of intensive campaigns.