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Yep I’m with Nick on this one – Mid 80’s for me:

1. Good mix of gear changing over within armies: UK Chieftain/Chally1 and FV432/Warrior; US M60/M1, M113/Brads, W Germans and clients can have Leo 1s or 2s (still not made up my mind with I prefer aesthetically) and the GSFG had a handful of T-80s.

2. The quasi historical framework is there for you, Gen Sir John Hacketts WW3, within which you find all the relevant novels, Red Army, Chieftains, The Red – Black – Green Effect, and of course Team Yankee which is the basis for the first Battlefront ruleset.

3. Good soundtrack in the 80s, including the classic Nena’s 99 Luftbalon!

3. Its when I was wearing (temperate) DPM!

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