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After many weeks of managing to not do anything wargaming related except cleaning up some models, I finally re-supplied both required materials and enthusiasm with a trip to Colours yesterday.

Following that I am now looking at finishing up a whole bunch of 15mm near-future terrain and miniatures, painting up a load of old Beakies, I should probably do some more detail work on my urban board and modern Russians too. And my English Civil War models could do with a repair job since I’ve been hoping to get in a game with them. There’s probably more I am forgetting.

Certainly not suffering from a lack of things I need to get done at least.

I have too many projects on the go

Is there ever a point where a wargamer doesn’t have too many? It’s like the unpainted miniatures thing, where if you’re ever in the situation where you don’t have something that needs painting still, you should be worried because clearly something is seriously wrong!