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Hi Bandit – I was exactly where you are now about a year ago, then I found BattleGroup Kursk/Overlord etc as mentioned above. I heartily recommend them – you can use your FOW based gear, as the rules are designed for both 20mm and 15mm. Although infantry are supposed to be based individually, with no more than one inch seperation between squad/section members, I have found no problem with based figures,s imply marking casualties with a small red die.

I would characterise the complexity of the these rules as slightly higher that FOW, but in doing so they deliver what feels like a major breakthrough in authenticity and the ‘right feel’. This is what I wrote in my ‘Action at Authie’ thread in answer to John about my experiences with these:

“Thanks John! Good question – I have actually been through 3 phases in my attitude to these rules. First off the ‘Oh Shiny! Oh New!’ reaction, and the belief that they offered a credible alternative to RF2 for dusting off my long dormant 20mm kit. Then in actually trying to apply them, on my own, using the large format BattleGroup Kursk book, which has the rules interspersed with information about the theatre and campaign, most of which I knew already (Bighead!), I became very frustrated….

Then they introduced the smaller, A5 format rulebook with all the campaign guff taken out and just the core rules. And I was off! The rules make sense now, and I am just at that stage where I am beginning to see the seemingly infinite subtleties and sophistication of these rules.

I have some peacetime experience of soldiering, for example attended the British Army’s School of Infanty’s ‘Platoon Commander’s Division’ way back when, so I know enough about infanteering to assess how authentic a ruleset is, at least to my subjective satisfaction, which is about as much as you can ask of toy soldier rules! And to my mind the emphasis laid in these rules on direct area fire, with the sole object of ‘pinning’ an enemy until you can get in close to assault with grenades and smgs, is the essence of infantry work. I also like the way that you can subdivide your section/squad to drop off the Bren team, and the ‘Reserve Fire’ rule which allows you to leave units in overwatch to interrupt enemy movement or fire.

Now in order to achieve this level of sophistication, it has to be said the rules are comprehensive and lengthy – but they are not complicated! So if you take your time and start off small with section attacks and work your way up, I think these rules can’t be beat!”



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