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craig cartmell

As a rules writer and publisher I understand your point, however, when we have done books without internal artwork or photos (i.e. ‘eye-candy’) we get players complaining bitterly, even though they got extra material in the spaces formerly filled with photos.

There are publishers, who are numerous and thus shall remain nameless, who do over produce their rule books. So you get 150+ pages of art and colourful layouts with about 30 pages of useful content. Unfortunately, there are many gamers who have grown up with these high production values and don’t take rules seriously if they are not gorgeous hardbacks that cost £30/$50 plus.

This is why Osprey Wargames’ first few books were a breath of fresh air. Clean layout, just enough eye-candy to inspire players, and a price point less than a trip to a McDonald’s Drive-Through. So, if you found the game not to your liking, you didn’t feel cheated.

A number of small independent publishers have followed suit with such excellent games as Across the Dead Earth and To the Strongest! Well-produced but where the game rules come first and the price point is reasonable.

There will always be a place for the over-priced art books and the people who like them. But if you don’t like that try out these newer games instead.


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