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What do I want in a rule book?

Well, there is a 97 percent chance that after I buy it, I am going to read it, regret it, and feel like my wallet was raped.   So, I want rules, just rules, properly (i.e., well ) written, no examples needed, black and white, soft cover, no color, no photos, one volume, complete, all rules in one volume, everything I need in one flippin’ book.  And, at a reasonable price. That means cheap.  Rules are work, rules are time.  Lots of examples, fluff, photos, stories, and other crap in the rules mean more work and more time.  I don’t want to do much of one, and don’t have much of the other.  And I’m cheap.   I already want my money back, because they are not nearly as fun, fast, or innovative as the author/publisher/ marketing guy claims.  And they cost so much that I can’t afford any miniature for them.  BAHHH!

Or, if that came across as a little strong:

I prefer rules books to be concise, simple, and inexpensive.