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Rod Robertson

War Panda:

Holy Crap!!!! That is beautiful work and a very interesting Bat. Rep.! Lovely figures, awesome terrain, outstanding buildings and structures and a magnificent Viking longship. How did you paint that sail? We are being spoiled by exposure to such delightful eye-candy! Thank you so much for posting this and please post more! You are making me eager to spend money I don’t have, to buy figures I have no time to paint, so I can make terrain for which I have little talent in construction, to play rules I do not own, and spend more time I do not have playing Saga! Why the [email protected]  am I thanking you? Because it’s bloody beautiful, that’s why! Inspiring and inciting, you Siren of miniatures; you will run the ship of my life on the rocks of this hobby with work like that! I thank you and curse you, all in one breath! Bravo!

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson