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Not Connard Sage

Good. I could have done without the full page adverts, but I understand why they were there. 82pp, including campaign game, army lists and other appendices, all of which are useful.


Bad. Very bad. Sucking donkey balls bad. Essentially a 230 page advert for Foundry, complete with painting tutorial, and some half-finished rules lobbed in as an afterthought.


Both books have fairly high production values, both cost about the same price. One set sits on my shelf glaring banefully at me and screaming ‘sucker!’, the other gets used regularly.

No prizes for guessing ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t mind paying 25-30 quid for a rulebook if the main reason for its existence is the rules, which should be clearly written, and concise. Might & Reason wins there.

I do object to paying 25-30 quid for something whose main content is a bunch of pretty pictures. Or not-so-pretty in the case of Napoleon…





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