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Too many terrain projects. Jungle plants, alien desert plants, realistic non-alien desert plants, a desert board, desert cliffs, Necromunda-style industrial structures, Gigeresque structures, Frostgrave-style medieval stone structures and some experiments with new terrain materials I haven’t used before (having particular difficulty trying to make Woodland Scenics Polyfiber look like the vegetation it’s supposed to be and not the synthetic wool it is).

Also some Kobalt-1 Palansi and a few abortive projects/experiments I really need to clear away. One was a naive attempt at bodging together some Genestealer Cultists out of various old GW plastics I can’t find any other use for. The other was an even more naive attempt at a new painting style on some Artizan Andalusians that would entirely do away with metallic paints in favour of non-metallic metals all the while sticking to only one layer of highlights. That one was doomed to fail from the start, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.