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John D Salt

I like them

1. Cheap.

2. Short.

3. Well-written, in clear English, with no grammatical or orthographical mistakes.

4. Sewn, stapled, spiral-bound, anything but a “perfect” binding.

5. Complete. I am not buying any goddamned supplements, expansions, extensions, modules, add-ons, army lists, scenario books or other stuff.

6. Written in the same order as the sequence of play.

7. With examples of play kept separate, perhaps in an appendix.

8. With copious designer’s notes and source references, but kept separate from the rules, either in an appendix, or, better, as with Victory Games, as parallel text.

9. With a minimum of decorative artwork, and certainly no photographs of overpainted toy soldiers. Illustrations should be used as far as possible to illustrate.

10. With a stated time, ground, and figure scale.

11. With ranges given in real-world units (metres, yards, paces, stadia, arshins, leagues, parasangs) and not in inches on the table.

12. With minimal requirements for any special equipment (anything beyond dice, tape measure, pencil and paper).

13. With no requirement for an umpire.

14. With no bloody silly boasting about the rules being “both realistic *and* playable”, or any dim-witted discussion about the imagined dichotomy between games and simulations.

15. With a catchy title, ideally containing not more than one of the words “fields”, “fire”, “flames”, “freedom”, “honour”, or “glory”, and none at all of “death”, “gore”, “blood”, “unleashed” or “grapefruit segments”.

16. Without a picture of a sneering Nazi on the cover.

It’s easy enough. I am very easily satisfied.

All the best,