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Jose Manuel Moreno


We have almost decided the start date of the new ONUS crowdfunding campaign: October, 9th at 17.00 CET.

This campaign contains the ONUS 1st English edition and the 2nd Spanish one plus the expansions Greece & Persia and Sceneries & Buildings in both languages. All this will be available separately or in several packs depending on what you would like to get.

We are currently working in the units and generals illustrations. Generals will be more important in the game and they will have its own recruitment cost.

There will be new rules, mainly within the Sceneries & Buildings expansion. An example of this is the following combat sequence by a river and a bridge:

1. Romans move towards the river. Cavalry with the extended formation on the left side and the triarii ready to cross the river

2. The Lusitan infantry pivots backwards, then moves forward and shoot their javelins (inflicting 1 wound). Afterwards they move backwards (due to being skirmishers). The archers shoot (1 more wound) and the phalanx gets closer to the bridge

3. The Roman cavalry charges against the Lusitan infantry, flanking them and rolling 6 dice. After the attack the Lusitans flee and have 4 wounds. The triarii gets closer to the bridge and charges with 2 sections (the bridge size doesn´t allow more sections to engage in combat

Just to finish this post, a question for you: Do you know these folks?

To be continued…..