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craig cartmell

You know what really grinds my gears with today’s rule books? Proofreading and indexes.  

We learned about proofreading the hard way. Despite our best cooperative efforts, our first book had plenty of errors because we thought we could proofread our own work. An errata sheet was quickly released. For all of our following books, we engaged some excellent and literate friends who put our writing through the mangle. Since then, no errata 🙂

Not so sure about the use of indexes though. If you have a subject that appears in six different places in the rules, you have to hunt through all of them until you find the information you need as nearly all indexes fail to give you contextual guidance.

Instead, we plumped for an alternative:

  • Clear, descriptive section and sub-section headings,
  • Section and subsection numbering,
  • A clear contents page, and
  • Comprehensive cross-referencing by section and subsection number.

Add to this a good, downloadable, reference sheet with all the in-game information you need and cross-references should you want more.

This approach has proven popular with our readers and has been mentioned in several independent reviews.


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