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My experience of WRG’s Barkerese is that it is only difficult to understand if you do not read it.  Almost every misunderstanding I have ever come up against has been from people who do not read the sentence and take careful note of how it is constructed.  For the powerpoint generation this is no doubt cruel and inhumane treatment, but I would really prefer not to see the rulebook twice as long just to accomodate the barely literate.

In fact, WRGs second set of H&M rules must come within a whisker of Mr Salt’s admirable list.

I still think you should all give “Fields of War Afire with Panzerauftragstaktik of Glory” a go.  250 pages of cartoon fun on glorious high gloss paper in full colour and no polysyllabic words for the unfortunate.  $500 from Grabber and Grabber (plus postage).