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Piyan Glupak

Grizzlymc, if you are not reading WRG rules under pressure, then I would agree that the meaning is nearly always all there.  The concise and compact text can sometimes be a bit of a problem if, for instance, you are in the middle of your first game, and the other person(s) playing are expecting you to resolve the query rapidly.  Noticing the position of commas can make a huge difference in what a sentence means.  Some of their rules (such as HotT 2nd edition) give few if any problems, in my opinion.  Some (such as DBR and the versions of DBA that I have) are not too bad, particularly if you put in a couple of hours study the night before your first game.  DBM I found much more difficult, I am afraid; if that means that I am intellectually challenged, so be it.

Not seen any recent versions of Horse, Foot and Guns, so can’t comment about them.