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Not Connard Sage

Not all WRG suffers by being written in some kind of alternate english, Gush’s Renaissance rules remain a great example of concise, lucid rule writing.

There’s an obvious reason for that – they weren’t written by Barker, although they do appear to suffer from the dead hand of his ‘editing’ in parts. They were, and probably still are IMO, one of the best sets of Renaissance rules.

Ditto the aforementioned H&M rules, which we played for years. They were a result of committee writing, in which it seems Barker’s input was tempered by the writing style of others.

The early editions of WRG 20th century rules, both WWII and Moderns, ticked the ‘clear and concise’ boxes too. The late 80s ‘complete revisions’ were a mess.

It seems to me that Barker’s writing style has got worse, not better, over the years. Whether this is the oft cited effect of rules lawyers trying to crack his rules or just sheer bloody mindedness on his part I don’t know. 🙂


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